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Kindergarten registration opens Feb. 23, 2016

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Registration for fall kindergarten programs in Salem-Keizer Public Schools opens on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. Students who turn five on or before September 10, 2016, are eligible to register. All elementary schools in Salem-Keizer offer free, full-day kindergarten.

 Parents are asked to register students soon to help the district prepare an adequate number of classrooms, supplies, etc. for the fall.

 How to register

To register, please visit the school and pick up a registration packet. If you’re unsure what school is assigned to serve your residence address, please visit the district’s school finder page: www.salemkeizer.org/content/boundary-information

 Parents must complete and sign the forms in the registration packet (registration form, home language survey, immunization form) and provide:

1.     Proof of residence address. Examples of documents accepted include a copy of a utility bill, driver’s license with current address, copy of rental agreement, etc.

2.     Original birth certificate for the child. The school will make a copy and return the original to the parent.

 Help your student get ready

Parents can help students get ready for kindergarten by helping them:

  •       Hold a pencil, crayons and scissors correctly
  •        Practice writing his/her name
  •        Learn the ABC’s and how to count to twenty
  •        Name and identify basic shapes, such as square, triangle and circle
  •       Learn how to take turns and share with others
  •        How to use the bathroom and wash hands independently

Please contact your school with questions about registering for kindergarten.

Lo Nuevo de SchoolMessenger: Mensajes de texto | New from SchoolMessenger: Text messaging

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Lo Nuevo de SchoolMessenger: Mensajes de texto

Las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer utilizan el servicio de notificación SchoolMessenger para enviar información importante a los padres. SchoolMessenger contacta a los padres por medio de llamadas telefónicas, correos electrónicos y mensajes de texto.

Los métodos principales de comunicación automática que utiliza el distrito para comunicarse con los padres son por medio de llamadas telefónicas y correos electrónicos; sin embargo, es importante que las escuelas y el distrito tengan la opción de enviar textos a los padres en el futuro según sea necesario.

Los padres que anotaron un número de teléfono móvil en el formulario de inscripción, puede que reciba un mensaje automático pidiéndole optar por servicio de mensajes de texto de SchoolMessenger.

El texto para optar por el servicio de mensajes de texto se verá como aparece a continuación:

“Salem-Keizer Public Schools messages. Reply Y for aprx 3 msgs/mo. Txt HELP 4 info. Msg&data rates may apply. See schoolmessenger.com/tm ”

Se exhorta a los padres para que opten por el mismo para recibir mensajes de textos futuros de la escuela y del distrito escolar por medio de un texto. Para no optar por los mensajes de texto, consulte http://www.schoolmessenger.com/txtmsg/ o escriba la palabra STOP (no acepto) a la opción de mensajes.

Los padres que optaron por no recibir los mensajes de textos de ShoolMessenger, todavía recibirán correos electrónicos y llamadas telefónicas de la escuela y el distrito escolar por medio del sistema.

El distrito escolar no paga por los mensajes de texto que reciba por medio de SchoolMessenger. Por favor consulte con el proveedor de servicio inalámbrico si no está seguro(a) de los cargos de uso. Si tiene preguntas sobre SchoolMessenger, por favor contacte a la oficina de la escuela.

Si tienen preguntas sobre SchoolMessenger, por favor contacte a la oficina de la escuela.



New from SchoolMessenger: Text messaging

Salem-Keizer Public Schools uses SchoolMessenger notification service to send important messages to parents. SchoolMessenger contacts parents through phone calls, emails and text messages.

The district’s primary methods of automated communication with parents are phone calls and emails, however it is important that schools and the district have option to text parents in the future if needed.

Parents who included a cell phone number on their student’s registration form may receive a text message from SchoolMessenger asking them to opt in to receive text messages.

The opt in text message will look similar to this:

“Salem-Keizer Public Schools messages. Reply Y for aprx 3 msgs/mo. Txt HELP 4 info. Msg&data rates may apply. See schoolmessenger.com/tm ”

Parents are encouraged to opt in to receive messages from their school and/or the school district via text. To opt out, visit http://www.schoolmessenger.com/txtmsg/ or reply with STOP to the opt in message.

Parents who opt out of receiving text messages from SchoolMessenger will still receive phone calls and emails from the system.

The school district does not pay for text message charges you may incur for receiving texts from SchoolMessenger. Please check with your wireless carrier if you are unsure about possible charges.

If you have questions about SchoolMessenger, please contact the school office.


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